Sorry guys for being away for so long. I have been in a naildepression. Yeah I believe that’s a real thing. My nails started to break one by one, and finally I had to shorten them all. Short nails are nothing bad, but since I had so long nails before, I got a little down.. Well, I will show you some old pictures from mars I think. I will play catch up with some challenges and such. Now nailpolish talk.

This was a gift for my birthday. Do I love it? Yes I do! Just look at that sparkle! The thing with Zoya is that the formula is so easy, just like butter it just glides on the nail and shines. Blue/green/turqoise is one of my favorite colors too. That and purple/pink. I should count how many purples I have.. And blue/greens. Maybe its also time to check for dupes, but who cares, right? I love my polishes. Myy preciousssssss….Zoya-Noel 002 Zoya-Noel 005 Zoya-Noel 008 Zoya-Noel 009 Zoya-Noel 011


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2 Responses to Zoya-Noel

  1. Zophie says:

    Åh! Det här lacket var himla fint! =)

  2. Jättefint lack! Trist när naglarna går av när man vant sig vid en viss längd bara 🙁


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