The Letter H is for….

pmtg-hmd (5)Honey My Dew! From Polish Me To Go. Phew, thats a long name!!! It is also a Glow-in-the-dark polish. I have tried to photograph that effect, with no success. I will just leave that for now.pmtg-hmd (2) pmtg-hmd I used two coats, and since it is a glowinthedark-polish, it has tiny fluorescent grains which can feel ”sandy” on the nail. Top coat will help you with that.pmtg-hmd (3) pmtg-hmd (4)The art is made with stamping and Mentality- Scoundrel and the plates are from MoYou (pinky) and ebay. I was asked for a unicorn so I just drew a horn on the little horse. He got a really large horn, sorry for that. But now he is the king of unicorns!

Thanks for reading!

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