Letter i is for…

Cg-InfraRed 004Infra Red by China Glaze. Lovely color and also holographic. No top coat and no cleanup on these photos, since on every third nail I tried to apply it, it had this awful disease they call ”holosickness”.. *shivers*  And the only way to cure that, is to use a special basecoat. Since I don’t have that at home right now (aquabase or aquafix) and I really am too tired to try out different basecoats I have at home, this is what you get. I’m so sorry. Look past the bold spots that are just what the holosickness is, it drags with it the under-laying coats, does not matter if they are thin, thick, dry or wet..

I will try to do this properly some other day. And get you pics in the sun! =) Cg-InfraRed 001 Cg-InfraRed 003

Eww, right? So sorry again. But this is the hard truth. I know many will only put out perfect photos, but this is how it looks irl.

See you soon! Thanks for stopping by, and you..thanks for reading <3

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4 Responses to Letter i is for…

  1. Zophie says:

    riktigt härlig färg! Och jag lovar att jag ignorerade holosjukan!

  2. Helena says:

    I’m ignoring the bald spots, but I didn’t experience any holosickness with these polishes.

    It’s a nice color but I remember not buying it because the Infra Red wasn’t red.


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