K is for..

Ciaté-KneeHighs 009Knee Highs from Ciaté. If it weren’t for this darn stiff and straight brush I would love this. This tiny bottle is from their ”Haute House” which was released this fall (2014). It is supposed to be highly pigmented onecoaters.

It could have been a great polish, if the brush were better. The polish is nothing wrong with at all, slides on nicely, a bit thick but still good. Wonderful color, looks much darker in inside light of course, almost black. My camera would not take focused pictures inside without the flash sadly. But I got some awesome pics on my balcony( yay sunny today!!) Ciaté-KneeHighs 005 Ciaté-KneeHighs 010 Ciaté-KneeHighs 011 Ciaté-KneeHighs 014

What do you think? Do you own this polish?


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One Response to K is for..

  1. Zophie says:

    Jag håller med om borsten, min borste i Knee Highs var också lite knepig. Väldigt fin färg, men störde mig en hel del på borsten tyvärr…


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