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Jessica-SmittenKitten 008Jessica-Smitten Kitten! Isn´t this just lovely! I got this in a mysterybag i ordered from Polish Ninja. Look at that tiny silvershimmer in this girly pink polish. Me like a lot. I used two coats but I think you could get away with only one, depending on how you apply it.

Smooth application and fast drying time. Super shiny on it own, but i used topcoat just to protect this beauty. I wore this almost 5 days, and the only thing that happened was just a little bit of tipwear but that could just have been my application. Jessica-SmittenKitten 003 Jessica-SmittenKitten 006 Jessica-SmittenKitten 007

This is not my last from Jessica, i will look for more from her.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love /Michaela



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One Response to J is for

  1. Zophie says:

    Men WOW! Vilken fantastiskt underbar rosa! =)


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