Emily De Molly – Inner Peace on Blue Monday

inner peace  Hi everyone!

This polish was a gift from my sweet love on Christmas. Today I think was the first day we actually had some real sunshine for more than an hour or so. You know what that means: HOLOOO!!!

Wintertime in Sweden sucks. Especially in Gothenburg where we had snow for a week and now the grass is green again but its cold outside. Looks like spring, feels like.. I don’t know. Fall/spring whatever. Just something in between.

Where i grew up, we had real winter. Like at least minus 10 degrees Celsius and snow on the ground. I spoke to one of my little sisters today, (she still lives in the place I grew up)and she said there were no snow now, but cold.

Enough about that, I have a little one that has been up a little late and she wants me to read a story to her.

Now look at the pretty Emily De Molly-Inner Peace! In real sunshine!!

edm inner peace edm inner peacee edm inner peace


This one is two layers without topcoat, dried up really quickly! Now that you are done with that look at other blue blue bluuuees at MakeupbyBlowfish.

Bye for now!


(you still waiting for my next nailart challenge, right? I know you are. I’m thinking about it still. Next up is Inspired by a color… Not feeling inspired yet, but it will come. If I build it, they will come, right? 😉 )

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4 Responses to Emily De Molly – Inner Peace on Blue Monday

  1. Blowfish says:

    Så himla snyggt! Så sugen på att shoppa lite från det märket känner jag..
    Tack för att du var med på blå måndag! 🙂

    • Micki says:

      Jag är väldigt nöjd med det lacket. Har inga andra EdM men det här var toppen! Tack för att jag fick vara med =)

  2. Vilket snyggt lack! Holo är aldrig fel 🙂


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